Exposure to Pornography

At ABC Counseling, the therapists provide treatment for juvenile sex offenders or youth with sexually problematic behaviors. These children have engaged in inappropriate behaviors with peers or younger children. Each child’s inappropriate behaviors may be motivated by a variety of factors. One important factor that has a profound negative influence on children is exposure to pornography. At ABC, we understand that pornography has a significant influence in the lives of many children that develop sexual behavior problems. Unfortunately, the rates of pornography exposure have escalated, and a significant number of children and teens in society are exposed to pornography, especially through online sources. Pornography exposure can impact the brains of children, can lead to pornography addiction, and lead to unhealthy and deviant behaviors. To learn more about the prevalence and consequences of pornography, visit fightthenewdrug.org.

By: Christina Meads, MS, Sexual Abuse Therapist