Expanding Services in Tazewell County

Did you know that ABC Counseling has expanded their offender counseling in Tazewell County? ABC Counseling has a newer program called Back on Track II that works with medium to high-risk youth on probation in Tazewell County. Clients who are moderate to high-risk on probation include youth with multiple criminal offenses ranging from charges of battery, burglary, truancy, etc. Many of these clients have been resistant to previous interventions. They may be struggling with mental health diagnoses and/or have barriers they face while at home such as poverty or other family members who have had involvement in the Department of Corrections.

This is an intensive counseling program to prevent youth from entering the Department of Corrections or a residential treatment center. Some of the youth in this program are receiving aftercare services since being discharged from a residential treatment center. These youth attend once a week individual counseling, once a week group counseling (with a parent parallel group), and twice a month family counseling (meeting once a month in the home). This is a hefty time commitment, but if involved in all aspects of the program it can lead to positive benefits over time. The youth have also been able to participate in some community outreach as a group which has been a positive experience for all involved. Program outcomes are still in the early stages at this time. The therapist involved in this program has a smaller caseload in an effort to provide all services and support needed for each youth and family involved. Often times, individual sessions have been held at the schools where the youth attends. The Parent Parallel Group has benefited from learning more tips based on the Love and Logic curriculum and exploring topics such as empathy, resilience-building, communication, and feelings expression from a parent perspective.

By: Sarah Maurer