Adoption Services - ABC Counseling and Family ServicesOne of the most pleasurable parts of the adoption process yet an extremely important part is selecting the adoptive parents for your child. Your adoption counselor and you will discuss the type of family you want for your child and then look at several profiles.

Once you have selected the family that matches your preferences, you will discuss with the adoption counselor how you want to proceed. Do you want to call the adoptive parents yourself, do you want to meet the adoptive parents, do you want to remain anonymous, and many other possible questions will need to be answered.

ABC is your advocate and wants to do what is best for you and your unborn child. Some birth parents have too much going on emotionally during the pregnancy, and they cannot deal with the added stress of meeting with adoptive parents. Other birth parents want to get to know the adoptive parents before the baby is born.

There are many options when it comes to birth parent contact with adoptive parents. If you choose to meet with the adoptive family you have selected, ABC will arrange for this visit(s) and help in any way you choose.