Counseling Throughout The Process

ABC offers counseling to every birth family, regardless of where they live in Illinois.

Because the decision to place a child for adoption or to parent a child is so important, counselors at ABC want to make sure that every birth parent has explored all of their options thoroughly.

Every birth parent is unique and reasons for making an adoption plan vary greatly. The following list of reasons for placing a child was gathered from birth mothers who placed their child through ABC:

Reasons for Making an Adoption Plan

The quotes you are about to read come from actual birth mothers.

 “I cannot afford to keep the baby.”

“I cannot raise an infant alone.”

“I am not able to care for the child like I want to.”

“I want to do too many things still.”

“I cannot financially take care of myself so I know I cannot take proper care of a baby.”

“It is what is best for myself and my two sons.”

“I know that I can’t support a child at this time in my life. I realize that there is a family out there some place that is looking and wanting a child. These people I place my child with will not only be able to give it love, but also a stable family environment.”

“I don’t have a good environment for a baby. I also want to finish high school and go to college. I want to be married when I have a baby.”

“The future and well being of myself and the baby.”

“I am unable both financially and emotionally to care for the child at this time. I feel the child deserves two parents that are prepared and eager for the responsibility for a child.”

Once you have chosen adoption as an option, counseling at ABC will focus on making sure that you are emotionally prepared to follow through with your plan, explaining how grief works and the stages of grief, helping you choose adoptive parents, identifying the pros and cons of an adoption plan, answering all of your questions about adoption, being supportive throughout your hospital stay and after the placement and making sure that your needs are being met.

If for whatever reason you decide not to follow through with your adoption plan, ABC will support your decision and make any referrals necessary to ensure that you and your baby are safe and have basic needs met.