Birth Mother’s Story

Birth Mother's Story - ABC Counseling and Family Services“Making an adoption plan for my baby was the smartest thing I could have done. I didn’t know what to do when I got pregnant. I had no money, no transportation, no one to help. The baby ‘s father left me after I found out I was pregnant. I just got out of an abusive marriage and I already had a child to take care of. My daughter and I also had health problems. I knew I couldn’t take care of another baby.

I met the baby’s father after I left my daughter’s father. I was scared, confused, and vulnerable. He said all the right things and I believed him.

I ended up moving in with my dad. I knew I had to make a decision. A friend of mine suggested adoption, so I started looking in the phone book. That’s when I found ABC Counseling. They were very helpful. I watched a video and started going to sessions. It helped me look at reality.

I decided to do an open adoption. I got to know the adoptive couple. I knew my baby would be in very good hands. It was very hard to give my baby up but at the same time it was very heart warming. I was giving two people something no one else could –a child to love and care for. I know now it was very unselfish and a very smart decision. I know my baby is getting better care than what I could of given him and I thank the Lord for two very special people who are taking very good care of my child.”

~Birth Mother