Agency vs Attorney

The following checklist may enable you to decide if you want to work with an agency or if you want to do a private adoption with an attorney. Check the items that are important to you. In the end, you are the client, and you need to do what is best for you!



Counseling during and after the pregnancy. No counseling.
Medical referral & transportation, advocacy services at the hospital. Medical referral.
Adoptive parent selection process more personalized. Adoptive parent profiles available.
More flexibility in financial assistance & does not have to be pre-approved by a court. Living expenses have to be pre-approved by the court.
Agency can take adoption surrenders in the privacy of a home or office nights and weekends. Attorneys have to take birth parents to court and cannot execute adoption consents on nights & weekends.
Agency facilitates and coordinates meetings and ongoing contact between adoptive parents and birth parents. Attorneys usually do not take part in this process.
Agencies provide after placement services such as birth parent support groups, adoptive parent reunions. Attorneys do not usually offer these services.
Agencies advocate for the birth parent. Attorneys tend to advocate for the adoptive parents.