Birth Parents

Birth parents, you don’t need to go through this alone! We understand that you are experiencing emotions which may feel overwhelming, such as fear, shame, confusion, and a sense of isolation. We would like to help you sort through them. We are available to offer you counseling and support as you look at options in a non-judgmental, caring atmosphere.

We believe that adoption is a viable option that is often overlooked due to misconceptions or lack of information. This option enables you to give your child the gift of life and to choose loving adoptive parents to nurture that life. Adoption is one of the greatest sacrifices a birth mother can make out of love for her child.

Choosing abortion, parenting, or adoption is a decision that will impact you for a lifetime and we want you to choose the option that is best for you and your child. We will support you, whatever your decision may be. If you need someone to talk to please call Julie at ABC.

The telephone number is: (309) 451-9495, toll-free at: (877) 451-9495, or e-mail us at

***All contacts will remain confidential.***

There are many myths about adoption and about loving birth parents who choose this option. These include:

 “The birth mother doesn’t care for her child or she wouldn’t have given him away.”

“The birth mother and the birth father will forget about their unwanted child and get on with their lives.”

We need to dispel these myths and educate society in general about the truths in adoption.

Birth parents have many rights. One of them is that they have the right to change their minds about adoption after the baby is born. In Illinois, a birth mother cannot sign adoption surrenders until 72 hours after the birth of her child.

During the time a birth mother is making her decision, she has a right to see the baby, care for the baby and spend as much time as she wants with the baby. No one can take away those three days that a birth mother gives to her child.

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