We currently have the following position available at ABC Counseling & Family Services:

Sexual Abuse Therapist:

Master’s level therapist from social work or counseling program(preferrably an LCPC or LCSW). The position involves assessment and treatment with children affected by sexual abuse. Due to the specialized nature of the work, the agency is looking for candidates that have the following knowledge base: childhood psychological disorders,child development, short term/long term effects of sexual abuse on children, how children’s memories work, human sexuality (and the ability to talk about it comfortably), normal/abnormal child sexual behaviors and good diagnostic interviewing skills. Priority will be given to candidates who have worked in the clinical area of child sexual abuse; however the agency provides extensive training and orientation to anyone hired for this position. The job requires a fair amount of report writing and deadlines for reports, particularly the Medicaid cases. To apply, please send your resume to Laura Jennings-Mitchell at Contact 309-451-9495 with questions.



We are always accepting applications for internships, Master’s level for the Sexual Abuse Program and Bachelor’s and Master’s level for the Adoption Program. To inquire about internship opportunities, please contact the following:

Sexual Abuse Program: Please contact Lynn Willard at or 309-451-9495

Adoption Program: Please contact Julia Mendez at or 309-451-9495