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Support ABC With Wine From A. Renee

AReneeWhether you are coming to our event on March 15 or not this year, (click here for ticket and meal choice info) you may help us out by calling or visiting A. Renee and purchasing a preselected bottle of wine for our mystery wine table!  The way this will work at the event is that for $20, a bottle may be chosen which is hidden in a brown bag. The purchaser may be getting a $10 bottle, a $30 bottle, all the way up to a $90 bottle of wine!

When you order from A. Renee, (open Tuesday – Saturday) they will take your name, unless you’d like to remain anonymous. A. Renee is supporting ABC by taking 10% off the purchase price of the prices listed below. So not only are you helping abused children, you are supporting a wonderful local business in our community.

Thank you!


Cadre  $58.75red-wine

Sequana $60.50

Casa La Postollo  $90.00

Tic Tok  $16.75

Wolftrap  $14.50

Juan Girl $19.50

Milbrandt  $17.95





Blanc deNoir  $15.90

Backhouse Chardonnay $9.50

Deusa Nai  $19.25

Vietti  $23.95

Zibibbo $15.75



Stella Rose  $15.95

Sweet Tooth  $13.00

Bellini  $17.90