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Counseling Services

ABC offers comprehensive counseling for children who are victims of sexual abuse, youth with sexual behavior problems, and help for families affected by the abuse. ABC is one of the only agencies in Central Illinois to offer specialized rehabilitation for youth with sexual behavior problems, which we believe is the key to breaking the vicious cycle of sexual abuse.


Adoption Services

Pregnant? ABC offers pregnancy counseling and support in a non-judgmental, caring atmosphere. Wishing to adopt? If yes, we are here to provide the special preparation necessary to go through the adoption process; all in a non-profit, non-denominational child welfare agency licensed in the state of IL.


Concerned For A Child?

If you suspect abuse, you should contact your local child welfare agency immediately, or ABC at 309-451-9495
To learn how to identify signs of abuse, Click here to read more.

Thank you all for your support at our successful fundraising event on April 5th! The overwhelming generosity will help many children receive the counseling services that they need to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse.

About ABC

ABC is a licensed, non-profit child welfare agency providing counseling services for children and families affected by sexual abuse, and offering specialized adoption services and birthparent counseling.


Our Staff

ABC employs an experienced and caring counseling staff in all of its six offices, along with two adoption specialists in the Normal office. Each member of the team at ABC is committed to helping children and families heal, watching families grow, and serving their community, one child at a time.

Meet our Staff...